Suicide Hotline ||

Suicide Hotline ||

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Mady :(: By camerondallasAF Completed

" I just feel so lonely. " I said.

" Your not alone. " He whispered into the phone.

" But I feel like it. " I whispered back to him, my voice cracking at the end of the sentence from all of the crying I've done.

" I'll be here for you, I promise. " He said in a voice so sincere and caring that I couldn't help but smile a little.

" Can we talk again, tomorrow? Like at the same time? " I asked him.

" Of course, I'll be right here for you. Just ask for Cameron. " He said.

And with that, I ended the phone call.

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Started September 3, 2015

But tbh he would have had to catch these hands right then and there
Lmao tell me how Jenna is that girl in Nash's Ouija parody who is Brian's (Sammy) Girlfriend and she slept with Nash's ghost gf aka her bff who gave them all STD's😂
The McDonald's ice cream machine is always 'broken' so kys hoe
Brain surgeon? *thinks about Derek Shepherd from Grey's Anatomy*
Ok he just said he wanted her and now he is saying nobody wants her? Right of jack you make so much sense
If she wants to stay fit why doesn't she just eat and exercise to balance it out she doesn't have to starve herself😢