The Fallback Guy

The Fallback Guy

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Nicholas Scott By Nicholasscott Updated Jan 11

Henry's heart is up for grabs.   Not that he's got a long line of suitors.

It comes as no surprise that Henry is G. A. Y.  Not that he is über flamboyant, but he's got that je ne sais pas that has everybody asking.  He is a little boy crazy though,even if its just to drive by the football practice field to watch the jocks at practice.  Of course,  there's only one person who knows the truth, who knows Henry's big secret.  And that's his best friend Izzy.
Nicholas Bourdain is as Izzy puts it, a Neanderthal.   Not that that dissuades Henry from being completely and totally smitten with him.    Course he's a giant walking talking cliché, football jock who'll have sex with anything that walks and thinks he's god's gift.
Then there's Christopher Maddox.     Henry considers him eye candy, but learns he's better with Shakespeare than on the football field.   He sounds too good to be true.

The story is a PG13.  Language, sexual situations, and that whole m/m type situation that some people might not find suitable to their tastes.  So let the reader beware.

Dalton159 Dalton159 May 04, 2015
my English class just finished reading it and i understood parts of this paragraph
EdythChamblee EdythChamblee Oct 06, 2014
LOL!  Nicholas Scott you pulled another crazy one off! I Like It!
xAlternativeTwistx xAlternativeTwistx Sep 20, 2014
I fluffing love this c: the characters are just....soo sparkly!!!
cripmaw cripmaw Sep 09, 2014
I don't know if anyone else had this problem but,after the first chap. I did not get any of the story,as in it did not download,it is all blank.Could maybe download again? Thanks.
MargaretMcnamara MargaretMcnamara Jun 27, 2014
*wipes away tears of laughter* I just love your witty humour. :D
LilMissMagpie LilMissMagpie Mar 10, 2014
So funny story. My hubby is home today. *happy dance, even though he's sick* As I was reading this, I started smiling, apparently in a "creepy" way, and he asked what I was looking at. Don't even know why I shared that. >.< 
                              So... Yeah. Great chapter. Lol