Forget Me Never I √

Forget Me Never I √

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As Draco scanned the unemployed list, he saw Hermione Granger's name - his enemy in Hogwarts. He had just the job for her, which was to babysit his naughty spoiled kids. A smirk had formed on his face.

This was going to be a fun and hilarious adventure for Draco.

They were enemies before in Hogwarts, but do they actually have the chance to be friends now?

Cover by: @sereneur

Why did you change the cover, i loved it! Can you possibly, i dunno, share it or message it to me it something. PLEASE.
What did you use to make the cover could you please tell me I want to do something sorta like this
Kelsey-Aline Kelsey-Aline Jun 09, 2016
This reminds me of Nanny or marry which I love but sadly got deleted  it's nice to find a story going  that's going to be like that with the same kind of theme can't wait to read this
alsey89 alsey89 Apr 08, 2016
Lmao... you got me from the blurb. This really sounds like a hilarious read!!!
- - Oct 25, 2015
Hi!  All looks intriguing so far.  Your cover design is great with the protagonist seeming in flight over the title, nice.  I like the title too!
Florence-Potter Florence-Potter Oct 15, 2015
Okay just saying your cover is like the prettiest thing in the whole entire world. Just wanted to say that =)