Park Chanyeol's Bodyguard

Park Chanyeol's Bodyguard

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citype By citype Updated Feb 04, 2017

As a kid Nari Young has always been different from other girls. Instead if dolls she would play with weapons like wushu stick, nunchucks, etc. or she would have many boy friend than girls. She would often be more energetic, athletic, and louder than all the other girls. But if it weren't for her charming looks she really would be mistaken as for a boy. This is only one of the many reasons she was chosen as Park Chanyeol's bodyguard.

Park Chanyeol is the prince of Korea. His outstanding looks would make you drop you pants immediately. The boy's personality says other wise. He is flirty, overly confident, and usually easy going (sometimes too much) but there is one thing he is picky about. His bodyguard HAS to be a girl. No excuses. But everything changes once Nari comes.

*Thank you to @baektolove for this amazing cover!!!


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ExoChanLu ExoChanLu Apr 27
Uhmmmmmmmmm I'm wondering why does the gurl in the picture looks like Luhan?