Would you rather

Would you rather

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Really funny, cringeworthy , and hilarious would you rather questions. Which would YOU rather pick?      

Disclaimer* I do not own all of these, some of them were found on the internet but I did come up with some. Don't forget to look out for my special editions which I most likely created my self. ENJOY!!❤️

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Rewind. I want to correct very bad mistake, and go back to when I was 5 or 6 years old.
                              SCREW HOT SAUCE!!
                              i still want to see, THANK YOU! :/
Well when was the last time I used eye drops.....years ago....HOT SAUCE
TheNuttyPeg TheNuttyPeg Apr 04
Hot sauce as eye drops (I used to drop rubbing alcohol into my eyes when I was younger [and the gel sanitizer was the strongest of them all])
pause button, so I can think of a good comeback when fighting
Why sandpaper you could just use tissue and not toilet paper aka sandpaper hehe