Kuroko no Basket (Various x Reader) Oneshots

Kuroko no Basket (Various x Reader) Oneshots

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i n a c t i v e ✨ By keciim Updated Sep 04, 2016

How I show basketball dorks that I love them~

Characters oneshots for everyone's favourite ballies, with loads of fluff, and some lemon and angst!

Title says it all, (any character, any scenario) and please share/fan/vote/comment ♥


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One time I jogged around my school's gym for five minutes straight. The people in my gym class who were on the track team were jealous because even they can't do that.
Jinx_TheLooseCannon Jinx_TheLooseCannon Dec 30, 2017
So true. I can run for like 2 minutes before i fall half dead
And a girl with those tits should get punched in them when they misbehave.
                              (Sorry any big-boobed girls out there, but the girl in the book is annoying)
Kise is always the ultimate shipper. Even if ff is about him 😂😂😂
My boyfriend was my best friend for a few months before our friends forced us to get together
PrincessRaniaJack PrincessRaniaJack Nov 28, 2016
Please tell me you are bc my best friend is yass he is just yes