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Matthias Hale has cared for nothing, except an old book. His entire life etched with pain, abuse, and betrayal from his own pack, SilverIce. The little Omega was cornered and shut from the world until one day the future Alpha, Ace Besilious, growls out the dreaded word Matthias prayed he would never hear. "MATE".The frightened Omega flees, running frantically away from that dreaded house but the dominate Alpha refuses to let go and forget him.

"Alphas don't get rejected, Matthias.
You are mine."

[Boy x Boy]
-don't like don't read-

Wow... I mean, I can't legally get drunk yet, but, I WISH I WAS A WEREWOLF.
When I see people like this it gets to the point where I'm just like "what's the point of even putting on clothes over your underwear?"
PaigeNight PaigeNight Jul 12
Purple?  I've heard of wolves eyes turning black or red. But PURPLE? !
Damn why her name gotta be thalia cause she is an awesome hunter of Artemis and not a bitch like this boys mother
Anyone notice Ace isn't calling him Omega but his real name!?
Saitama128 Saitama128 Nov 08
Dude, saying that she wears booty shorts. And low shirts doesn't support your point that someone is a "slut". It's HER body and she can wear what she wants.