The one I want

The one I want

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Toni By clichewriterx Completed

"I've never wanted someone as much as I want you" 

"Then don't let me go"


Too bad reds out of the kitchen now 😕 . Gloria is cool too
True. If i were there omg. First of all i wouldn't let Stella get framed. Second of all i wouldn't let anybody touch Burset.
Twonye Twonye Aug 08
Every time I see the name I keep pronouncing it "pussy". Maybe it's just the lesbian in me.
kit2kat kit2kat Oct 30
Aye it's mah girl.... Wait I haven't finished season 4 yet I really hope there are no spoilers :(
She honestly just intensifies my gayness. I mean i was gay before but now im ultra gayyyyyy
I love ruby every time she came on the screen in oitnb I told my step mum she was hot .She honestly makes me question my sexuality 👌🏼