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"Why are you ignoring me?" Pan says becoming agitated.

I slowly turn around and look him in his forest green eyes and give him a blank expression and say, "I want to go home"

"This is your home, love, you had nothing to live for back where you came from remember?" he says dangerously calm and keeps walking toward me.

I keep walking backwards until I attempt to turn around and run but he grabbed onto my wrist and pulls me to his chest.

"Also remember this... You are mine"

So she started doing yoga? Which led to drinking more water? Yeah that makes sense I'm guessing her boyfriend was the yoga instructor....
What the hell. The guys 17. The women must be at least 30. That's so wrong, and it's illegal.
Yes, because when 17 year olds get kicked out of the house they think peter pan and not let me crash at a friend's house.🤔
Wolfie-rawr Wolfie-rawr Mar 19
*In mrs weasley voice* Were is that boy! Ron weasley I taught you better! Were is Hermione and why are you ruining this poor dears life!