Our Love

Our Love

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Nan By jnanthika10 Updated Nov 15, 2017

Our Love 

Meet Nandini Murthy,

Her life was like a perfect fairy tale, after she cross upon her knight in shining armour. He made her feel beautiful, loved and taken care of. She feels home when he puts his arms around her. 

Meet Manik Malhotra, 

His life was a dream, after he stumble upon her. She was too good for him and that had nothing to do with her look. She made him smile, just with her mere presence. He felt nervous around her and that's what we call love.

But On January 3rd, it all changed. A tragic bestowed on her, the walls that he broke down was rebuilt but only stronger. She hide herself from society, she never felt true happiness again. Because her happiness lies in him, and he was no more. 

Years later as she finally learned to move on, to leave her past behind. To be happy again, to feel the world again, but she meet him. He was alive and to be married, but above all he lied. He lied to her, to his friends whom he called family. The trust was dismembered and love was buried. 

He said he loved her, but she said she didn't. If he did truly love her, he would have not left her. Where did the always and forever cease. 

Enjoy reading the story of Manik and Nandini in "Our Love" Join them in their journey in facing their trials in life, overcoming the shadows of their past and finally finding love and happiness. 

Be captivated in their story. Laugh, Cry, Giggle, Sore but above all feel in love with them. 

Our Love by Nandika Naidu

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