Rude // Grayson Dolan fanfiction

Rude // Grayson Dolan fanfiction

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haley By loveisagift Completed

Lauren Conrad- dancer, artist, complete geek. 

Grayson Dolan- rude boy, popular, bad.

What will happen when these two find common interest in eachother?

Okay ik fanfictions are fake and all but fr. If you're going to make a fanfiction about the Dolan twins and lie and say they weren't bullied then I honestly have no interest in reading this. Sorry but tbh, if you don't add that they were bullied then that's basically making your whole story a lie.
TiffKitty TiffKitty Mar 04
Can never dream Grayson saying this in a million years but that's what I would be like if a guy was being like this to me...
Guys if yohr just starting to read this continue because this is my all time favorite Grayson dolan books they're so sad and just amazing all time my favorite
sassyfriends122 sassyfriends122 Oct 09, 2016
I have a question is it weird to dream about the dolans twins
dolanstarz dolanstarz Dec 30, 2016
Dude I literally thought I was watching a. Idea it was so detailed that when I went to go answer her and forgot I was reading this  I went to YouTube 😂
miavlantis miavlantis Jan 05
West morris 😍😍I wish I could to go their school 😋my mom went to the same high school they did