In Too Deep Continued

In Too Deep Continued

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Unconventional1998 By Unconventional1998 Updated 5 days ago

>>Olyvia Williams<<

Jaceyanna's head slowly spins around turning my way 

"Ana omg you look so beautiful where's Jaclyn?" I asks as the tears well up in my eyes 

"in her Mommy's arms where she's supposed to be" I look up only to be greeted by aisitta who's holding my baby with a stupid smirk across her face 
In a blink of a eye I was beating TF outta her 

Im back!

It had been a week since I finally got home and to say shit was in total mayhem was an understatement. After I beat asittas ass meek threw me out could you believe he chose that bitch over me? His wife the mother of his children?! He even went as far as serving me with divorce papers that I refuse to sign. Yes I understand that he's still hurt but he has to believe that once I gave him my heart that day I vowed to be loyal to him and that's what I did. Let me explain that night when meek shoot me I thought I died I remember just sitting there bleeding out waiting for the darkness to take over but it never did...

Sakaya27 Sakaya27 Sep 12
Lmbo heck yeah.  That's why you don't bring a home in your house!  She should have left her on that island.
I can see it now this nicca n wateva her name is gonna be a problem