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Secrecy Mine

Secrecy Mine

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Zaida By zaijose Updated Mar 18, 2016

Ephraim is the most feared mercenary in this mafia world. Known to be heartless, cruel, inconsiderate, with no pity what so ever. He's known for getting everything he wants and getting rid of any competition. However, he'd never imagine he would give up his woman.

Marina is appealing for her intelligence and beauty, but she's not perfect. Having suffered enough, she's left with the love life keeping her sane. But what happens when her savior isn't who she thinks he is?

audacious_scribbler audacious_scribbler Feb 12, 2016
Okay seriously loving this book and it's only the first chapter!!
moya212 moya212 Mar 29, 2016
I think you meant 'cum' instead of 'come' but great story and I'm really enjoying it so far *thumbs up*
AestheticallyFloral AestheticallyFloral Mar 11, 2016
This chapter was deep and emotional as fück to me. 😂😂😂
Emunch Emunch Jan 26, 2016
Double D ????? O.O I'm not even envious. Her back will kill her later 😐
- - Dec 03, 2015
I've only read the first chapter and I can already tell it's going to be great. It's very rare to find a good book.
inmyhead1508 inmyhead1508 Sep 09, 2015
Wow! it's rare finding myself get hooked on first chapter only! Loveeee it!