Hetalia x Child Reader

Hetalia x Child Reader

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Galaxy Kitten By Sock_Corgi Updated 3 days ago

This is a female reader insert. A male one may be added if demanded.

Live through many different scenarios including your favorite Hetalia characters, and best of all, you decide the plot of every chapter.

Stories Written by Socks

Cover is "Hetalia Sketches" by Sydsir on DeviantAet

I do not own the Characters nor do I claim I do

Plot ideas not created by readers unless stated otherwise

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That lock and the window lock gives the driver way to much power
MotherOfCreeps MotherOfCreeps Apr 10, 2016
If that was really me I would have jumped on the table and told everyone to notice papa yelling
SM_Studios SM_Studios Mar 01, 2017
Most Americans don't speak French so Im not to surprised but next the Spanish because your more likely to get more of a response
JaidinjackBorenski JaidinjackBorenski Jan 23, 2017
I would litteraly stand up and glomp canada then I'd bitch slap America for being a jerk to his brother and then I'd apologize and we'd all go get icecream. 
hulloitmeh hulloitmeh Jul 11, 2016
I dont think I would forget how to swim unless I was kissed by germany-san
ghost_petals ghost_petals Jan 12, 2016
I want to squeal but I'm a guy and on a school bus that wouldn't end well in the stereotypical island of cape Breton. Whoops