The Rubix Cube Challenge (On Hold)

The Rubix Cube Challenge (On Hold)

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89201 By RubixCube89201 Updated Aug 07, 2013

My name's Rubye Chandler.

But I haven't been called that ever since I got my hands on the unsolved Rubik's Cube on my teacher's desk in kindergarten. Now I'm called Rubix. I'm the heart-throb of the school, almost every guy in school claims they're in love with me, almost. The only problem is who will have me? But that problem ended when someone said:

"Let's handle this like gentlemen. Whoever can beat Rubix at her own game, can rightfully claim her his."

No way I'm going to let my dignity and record taken away without a fight, with a record of 7.26 seconds. I'm confident no one will beat me, and that I can live off being single the rest of high school.

But the tables turn when there's a new kid in town. He's not like most guys, failing in art and other classes, skipping classes and not participating in the games. Something about him is different, little did I know that one thing would change the Rubix Cube Challenge forever.

In your profile description it says u can solve one, but u just said u couldn't plus idk if the story is true but the following story u wrote is litteraly about u in kindergarten solving a rubix cube
I can only solve one face, and also, I thought Rubix could solve it, it says so on her profile. Maybe she couldn't but can now?
yaaaaaaaitsdj yaaaaaaaitsdj Apr 28, 2016
I can solve multiple versions of the RUBIK'S cube. Also, just a note, it's spelled Rubik's, be the guy's last name was Rubik. I hate when people spell it Rubix.
I read this like an 1 year and only now did I notice it😂😂👏👏
Skittles4Mee Skittles4Mee Mar 14, 2016
i'll take at least my whole life to solve it, unless I learn it of course. The boys in my class are crazy bout rubik's cubes though..
                              PS. as much as they show off they can't solve it honestly
Raven-War Raven-War Mar 19, 2016
I know how to solve it but it takes me like IDK half an hour?