shoplift {joshler}

shoplift {joshler}

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joshler fanfiction.

josh see's a cute boy named tyler in hot topic, shoplifting band merch. josh goes to confront him, but tyler is very slick and sure with his words, luring josh into him.

{ik the bio sucks but the story will be better and be really funny.}

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I agree 100% 
                              Oh, that statement was gay? Like I care, bîtch 
                              I love how I'm arguing with myself in the comments wth
I don't get allowance even though I do like all the chores 
                              Poor family problems
Suddenly, I can't relate to Josh
                              I've never seen a bill higher than a $5
when you're too embarrassed to admit that you actually did that earlier today
my friends always make faces when i listen to emo music.
                              i need new friends.
                              I've walked by that store in the mall and I have never dared to go inside