shoplift {joshler}

shoplift {joshler}

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joshler fanfiction.

josh see's a cute boy named tyler in hot topic, shoplifting band merch. josh goes to confront him, but tyler is very slick and sure with his words, luring josh into him.

{ik the bio sucks but the story will be better and be really funny.}

I like 3/4 of what you just mentioned.
                              Sorry fob my sister ruined my chances of every listening to your music...
WeiAng WeiAng Nov 06
sam smith is fine. ariana grande just sings abt being sore aft sex and everything she sings about is sex. thats why i hate her
geesdaddy geesdaddy Oct 09
not to brag but my parents are like this,, i barely do anything but i still get $10 every Friday I'm really really lucky
ViaDino ViaDino Nov 14
My moms always like "OLIVIA YOU DONT HAVE ANY MONEY YOU NEED TO SAVE IT" and I'm like "bïtch dufaq I don't even get money to save up"
my mom gets mad that I wear black jeans and colored jeans and I'm like 'it's not your clothing so don't get mad at me about it'