Finding Forever (Sequel to Hood Love) FINISHED

Finding Forever (Sequel to Hood Love) FINISHED

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A'Shantii The Gawd By shantii14__ Updated Oct 23, 2015

Hood Love's characters are all back and living life like never before. 

Calvin is serving as the biggest kingpin on the East coast. Cal stops at nothing to get to the top. And will hurt anybody getting in his way. Every thug needs a lady, right? He needs a wifey to share the throne with. But Is Mercedes cut for the job?

Fresh out of college and doing big things the ex-stripper is out to conquer the world and stop at nothing. The little good girl she was before is gone. Now that the tables have turned Mercedes is out to get what's her. Her Man. But can she take what's coming her way? 

Will the Hood Love couple be able to find forever with each other? Or will they fall victim to the game?

Brothers Quan and Chucky are trying to make their mark on the game and live worry free. Things are getting dangerous. Will they be able to manage and have each others backs? 

Everybody has secrets. Everybody has something their trying to move past. And everybody is out to get what is rightfully theirs. But do they stand a chance.? More drama, lies, heart breaks, laughs and blood shed then ever.

Everybody is back and ready to face each other.

BUT....You know what they say, More Money More Problems!

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O helll nah...he got cedes messed up because when she wanted to move on he stopped her
What's that ti bitch from the other book I can't remember her name but it think its that hoe
ogkeketho ogkeketho Jun 26, 2016
I reaallyy hope u want take his ahh back again.after this.smfh
keri95 keri95 Oct 06, 2016
Lol yesss girl u luv yo ass you be having the realist books in here
TrxpGyall TrxpGyall Nov 25, 2016
Wtf Is a "TI" giirrll let's sip this "TI" giirrll bih I got all the "TI" like wtf
keri95 keri95 Oct 07, 2016
Nigga u never believe what a nigga say out hea in these streets. It aint fair in these streets nigga and u should know that