Saving Allison

Saving Allison

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Austin Luver ➰ By MommaShifter Completed

Allison was never one to talk. She is quiet, shy, has no friends, and keeps to herself. She was never like this when she was younger. But when her mom died, everything went downhill. Her dad became an abusive drunk. Allison and her dad live in a one story little house. And this will be her 4th school in 2 years. She thinks her life will never get better. But boy is she wrong.


Tommy is the alpha of one of the biggest packs in North America. He is tall, handsome, and mateless. That is, until now. Tommy and his friends attend Northwestern High. They were joking around until they hear someone crying in a bathroom. Ever since then, Tommy has been in love. 

(This book contains graphic scenes. Fair warning ya. And also. No copying is allowed!)

goodkd goodkd 2 days ago
I immediately knew this book was my MommaShifter when I saw anywhore 😂😂😂
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Ok every1 who hates him on the count of three 1..2 ATTACK!!!! AINT NO BODY GOT TIME FOR 3S!! KILL EM!!
Guys, she already made the bread into a toast and she knows it is done so she put it NEXT to the toaster. Duhh
May I say something.I have read almost all your books.An I have loved  reading all of them.your an awesome writter
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I dont eat bacon something about someone in my family being Muslim so I like to show my respect for them i guess.
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I would fight that birch tree I'm not going to stand around BAD DOG VERY BAD DOGGY!!! *jumps on* BAD DOGGY!!