Saving Allison

Saving Allison

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Austin Luver ➰ By MommaShifter Completed

Allison was never one to talk. She is quiet, shy, has no friends, and keeps to herself. She was never like this when she was younger. But when her mom died, everything went downhill. Her dad became an abusive drunk. Allison and her dad live in a one story little house. And this will be her 4th school in 2 years. She thinks her life will never get better. But boy is she wrong.


Tommy is the alpha of one of the biggest packs in North America. He is tall, handsome, and mateless. That is, until now. Tommy and his friends attend Northwestern High. They were joking around until they hear someone crying in a bathroom. Ever since then, Tommy has been in love. 

(This book contains graphic scenes. Fair warning ya. And also. No copying is allowed!)

athenanerdiness athenanerdiness 6 days ago
ZIA!!! Kane chronicles anyone. Sorry read it a long while back. The name Brina's back memories
CHEZBALLZ1121 CHEZBALLZ1121 2 days ago
Wait please don't tell me Samantha died and the alcoholic is Xavier!!
turducens turducens Feb 09
He's hot but a little too old for sophomore so I'm going to picture him as Dylan O'Brien
littlebunboo littlebunboo 3 days ago
I missed them so much!!!! 
                              I just read their story yesterday....but...ah don't judge!!!
xLittleMissAnimex xLittleMissAnimex 6 days ago
How does a pan give it away that she doesn't have a lot of money?