Insane (Nico Di Angelo & Creepypasta Fanfic) (Boyxboy)

Insane (Nico Di Angelo & Creepypasta Fanfic) (Boyxboy)

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_Creater_ By _Creater_ Updated Nov 14, 2015

Nico was older now, 16 years old was how old. Not much, but the age changed everything. The insane gene hades kids have had finally appeared in Nico. He went....... A little..........Insane. After his trip to Tartarus and Wars he has been in have finally caught up to him, he went absolutely insane. 

Most hades kids have the insane gene, although a few very rare times are that they don't and are sane, like Hazel.

But after Nico's gene makes a show up, he has a thirst in killing people. He had also found a way to be immortal, without being a god. Thus causing Nico's banishment, no longer allowed to enter Camp grounds because of his insanity.

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- - Apr 03, 2017
I'm a daughter of hades.....
                              Wow that explains everything😂
mysteryanimelover mysteryanimelover Jul 10, 2017
I'm 5'4 and that's the height I'm gonna live with the rest of my life....
                              At least I'm not like my mom (she is 4'11).
Memory_Overload Memory_Overload Dec 10, 2017
This makes no sense whatsoever. If Nico was bound to the ceiling, than how did the chains hit the floor?
TheSuicideCorner TheSuicideCorner Aug 25, 2016
The whole time im reading this im squealing with happiness because i still cant believe you did an amazing crossover like this!
Anonymous_Neko Anonymous_Neko Aug 22, 2015
Sometimes, I wonder if Rick Riordon gets on wattpad or deviantart just to see what the fans have made. I wonder if he feels honored, or angry, at how much his fans love and hate the characters he tried so hard to create for us. It's thoughts like these that keep me from writing fanfiction~
Ticci_Thalia Ticci_Thalia Aug 04, 2015