The akatsuki's flower

The akatsuki's flower

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Jitara By Jitara Updated Jul 08, 2015

Sakura's POV~
   I patiently awaited my cousin at the academy. It was still early so I was the only one here so far. Just then I looked up to see Sasuke leaning against the wall. He's so cool!! He looked at me for a second before looking away and saying "hn". He's so cool. My thoughts were soon interrupted by someone yelling my name. I turned around and seen my cousin running towards me.

"Hey." She said as she fixed her shirt. I gave a small smile.

"Is that him?" She asked referring to Sasuke. I blushed and gave a small nod. She laughed. " He's not all that you'll have him in no time Sakura" I looked up at her and smiled for real this time. She's so nice.

Sasuke's pov~ 
    I seen a girl with long pink hair run to Sakura. I almost mistaked her for Sakura but she's shorter by an inch or 2 and her green eyes had rings in them. (Like pein's rinnegan).  She was  somewhat attractive. Wait what am I saying?! She's related to Sakura so she's probably another fan girl.  
   I decided to go ...