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Dragons and Slayers (Sting x Reader)

Dragons and Slayers (Sting x Reader)

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Angel By PastelASAP Completed

Screaming and crying Moon Glare found a helpless baby girl in the woods all alone. Looking around Moon Glare realized the small child's parents were murdered then eaten by rouge dragons. Moon Glare having sympathy for the poor child took it into her care. Moon Glare raised the young girl like one of her own, teaching her the ways of the Dragon and showing (Y/N) how to use and control magic. Years have past now (Y/N) is 18 years old. She's been on her own looking helplessly for her mom for the past 9 years. When she walks into a pub one day she meets a young man named Sting. He was also a Dragon Slayer. He was attractive you must admit with his dark blue eyes and dreamy... wait what am I saying, (Y/N) thought.


Froschs_Sister Froschs_Sister Jul 09, 2016
Oh, so I'm a Cry Baby?
                              Well you can call me Cry Baby all you want
                              But I won't fücking care
crazy4u75 crazy4u75 May 04, 2016
That was an amazing first chapter!!! Probably the best I've ever read!!!
LuckyJalia LuckyJalia Jan 28, 2016
Your a genius! In chapter 470 in the manga Agonalgia said he's
                               going to kill ALL of the dragon slayers.
88888888DTK 88888888DTK Apr 10, 2016
This is great and not to mention the grammar is a lot better than other stories I read!!