Prehistoric Forbidden Love - A Chris Pratt Fanfic

Prehistoric Forbidden Love - A Chris Pratt Fanfic

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Nicole works at Jurassic World. She has been working there for five years now. She works as an animal behaviorist and she also works along side Owen Grady. But things all began to change when she started to notice strange behavior in the dinosaurs and it was just days before the Indominous Rex broke free of her cage and began roaming through the park. Making history repeat itself. What will happen when Nicole gets to close to the Indominous Rex... 

I do not own anything other than Nicole, Michael and some plot twists that I will put into the story.

Enjoy!! :)

Cover Credit: toomanyfandoms09

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lifeislike- lifeislike- Feb 08, 2016
I am still upsessed with this movie. I have all 4 of them and my dad and I freaked when we heard about the fourth one. I literally have seen this movie so many times I pretty much memorized the script.
y-youtoo y-youtoo Jun 09, 2016
Not hating but shouldn't it be Owen's or something? Just asking, not hating
Girlwhoisginger Girlwhoisginger Apr 09, 2016
I'm waiting for the 5th one in 2018 I'm gonna be bouncing off the walls when it gets released!!!0_0
zelava zelava Apr 09, 2016
Isn't owen supposed to be there when they're born to imprint or something?
RedWingDemon RedWingDemon Feb 22, 2016
Please let this be one of those rare fanfics that involves a dinosaur loveing a human
AlieAlejandra AlieAlejandra Jul 25, 2015
I now what you mean I was crazy when I found out they where going to make another movie seen all the Jurassic park movies.