The Lover (R Rated/BWWM)

The Lover (R Rated/BWWM)

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WritingForYou By FairyWritingPrincess Updated Apr 26, 2016

She could see him in her dreams... touching her, kissing her, loving her...


What happens when her fantasies,


become memories?


"Oh Harvey." She moaned tenderly, her swollen lips parted slightly as the words rolled off her tongue with such passion.

  • bwwm
  • drama
  • interracial
  • love
  • mature
juicyfruitqueen juicyfruitqueen Aug 12, 2017
Ooh that's Caribbean parents right there. 😢😴😴😴😑😕 ugth
eisabear eisabear Jul 17, 2017
I came here from the site! I've been into this book ever since you first published it and I can't wait to re read and see what's to come
FanmNwa FanmNwa Aug 31, 2017
Damn, "orbs" is ubiquitous. I have seen it used in fanfiction since 2003. Can't stop, won't stop
SnowFever SnowFever Sep 20, 2017
But why he say, I hear you got a girlfriend now. Ain't they been together since the 8th grade.
AlittleTooGone AlittleTooGone Jun 26, 2016
Nah me and Melanie would fight, I don't play that you betta let a nigga sleep
Justinetheoreo Justinetheoreo Apr 30, 2016
That's why I thought it was familiar, that's where I first read it! Lol damn