Dark (Jungkook - BTS)

Dark (Jungkook - BTS)

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"What's the matter, angel? Scared of the dark?"

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[my original storyline]
started summer 2015
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Dragoncrisis1234 Dragoncrisis1234 4 days ago
Yooooooo American Hustle Life much.....eeeeheheheheheheh*sorry*
One day, a guard in a cinema refused to let me in because the movie is r-13. I am 15 that time
and here i am amazed how smooth kookie was talking to a girl...
MendTheDoomed MendTheDoomed 2 days ago
i get out of bed and expect to have abs because it's that much work
                              smh im too lazy
Dragoncrisis1234 Dragoncrisis1234 4 days ago
Yo there is at least one comment after every paragraph...lol
asian justin bieber? i suddenly thought of jaebum.. yes jaebum, 10x better than JB