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One Who Shapes The Future

One Who Shapes The Future

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Nephi Wahnon-Pym By CryForTheRedMoon Updated Oct 04, 2015

Uzumaki Naruto, after another beating on his 5th birthday, has decided its time to take things seriously on his road to become a ninja. And he wants to show them what the so called 'dobe' can really do. With the forgotten bloodline of the Uzumaki clan, and the Kyuubi No Kitsune as his sensei, he will do just that! Contains crossover elements. Harem Pairing.

Ah man, I wish I could use Kage Bunshin to do my homework XD
lullaby234 lullaby234 Apr 19
He just keeps reminding people of the deceased! Naruto is special
Honestly its not that hard, the people from Tangled were no better cause they were like:
                              "Oh, this stranger girl just so happens to be the right age and have the right looks to be the lost princess? whatever,"
So the paper disappeared into another dimension and appeared in someone else's face for a split moment causing them to get into a car accident in another dimension?
So if we spend 1.71 u.s dollars.then it will be 100 dollars in japan
phoenix1120 phoenix1120 May 11
When I read lady killer I thought of him killing some evil lady and then winking at the very end and her just dying and now I can't stop laughing 😂