The Roommate Agreement         [The Hunger Games Fanfiction]

The Roommate Agreement [The Hunger Games Fanfiction]

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Annie Cresta is an uptight and anxious college junior scrambling to find an apartment. Her last resort is Finnick Odair, a laid-back bad boy senior looking for someone to split the rent. Annie and Finnick both need each other, so they try to work it out. It might just take a few rules. 

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I don't use sugar but instead creamer, and I do the same thing😂
Finnick, no offense, but if you were my roommate, I would have moved to Antarctica by now. Sorry not sorry.
"Thou shall not throw shade
                              If though can not throw thy hands" -niggalations 17:38
I'm Johanna, actually my name is Joanna so when I read Catching Fire, the stuff that Johanna did in front of everyone. 
                              My sister teased me for days.
I shipped them so hard so it broke me when Finnick died, it didn't help that my friend lied to me in order to not spoil Mockingjay for me
Cause I know how to use a trident, plus I AM ENGLISH!!!! (Only certain people will understand)