Gasping Olympics

Gasping Olympics

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Harry Dozen By Harry5848 Updated Feb 21, 2016

"One extreme sport with science in flavor."
Highest Rank Sci-Fi category #11 (09 Nov 2015)

When earth's atmosphere became heavily toxic for all forms of life, the forefathers designed and built an avant-garde, subterranean community that they named Pangaea. In the roof-shelves of Pangaea, thousands of ADGen Plant (Air-Detox-Generator power plant) has been constructed. And these ADGen removes toxic compounds from the air and converts it into renewable energy. Martial law has been implemented and all citizens are obliged to follow the new orders for safety precautions. Unfortunately time and space is running out as Pangaea's census grows beyond abundance. Death threatens all of civilization as Pangaea's resources run scarce.

To solve the biggest problem faced by humanity, Chief Engineers, Supreme Jury and the Minister encourage every citizen to join in an annual circumnavigate marathon in order to save what's left on earth. This intense, survival-jarring sport is known as the GASPING OLYMPICS.

Follow the quest of Sludge Wilkins and his friend Germ Kutcher in the road of airless earth as Wilkins attempts to win the prize for his ill mother and Olive Hirsch wins over the affection of her father. Continue reading as River Garland satisfies his thirst for adventure and Reed William attempts to remain famous. Discover how they find out that the Olympics was created by the government using propaganda with whites in favor.

Hold your breathe! Hold your hope!

This is the first book of Airless-Earth Trilogy. Next to install will be "BREAKING MECHANICS" and the final book will be "BREATHING PNEUMATICS"

***This is not another Hunger Games nor Divergent fan fiction story. But more likely to "Fast and Furious" movie and "The Amazing Race" TV show.

© copyright September 2015

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ArjhayTabios ArjhayTabios Feb 13, 2016
Good morning! A nice catch to start my day with alleged "plagiarism." Steampunk + Pollution = Nice Job
                              Well, I admit that the concern of pollution started since the Industrial Revolution. I'm gonna check this out.
Unoriginally_Red Unoriginally_Red Dec 09, 2015
You are very professional with this. I'm looking forward to reading your work :)
genk01 genk01 Dec 06, 2015
Your synopsis was catching. Clearly, many other readers find it so as well. :) I'll be taking a deeper dive into this realm of yours if I can hold my breath long enough to get underground. haha.
Hungerkittens Hungerkittens Jul 25, 2015
Comment to Let you know: Here ya go, book looks good. I'll recommend it to my friends