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Madeline By lovelydear89 Updated Jul 01, 2016

What if the Moon Goddess made a mistake? 

"At that very moment, Alpha Night felt something he had never felt before. A dark, animalistic instinct washed over him causing his eyes to flash red and a growl to sound from the depths of his chest. He felt his claws extending and his canines lengthening as if he were about to shift. 


Alpha Alaricus Night was, by any definition, king of the earth. The most powerful and deadly werewolf to have ever lived, Alaricus has been Alpha King since year 1066. 

And in all 949 of those years he has never loved a single soul.

Warning: DARK STORY. If you're uncomfortable with darker themes, this may not be the story for you. 

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Abcdefg12345679 Abcdefg12345679 Dec 06, 2016
My favorite color is red now. Wanna know why? It's because of anime and it's the color of your blood.....soooooooo...
Hannahgirl02 Hannahgirl02 Nov 11, 2016
Okay I've read things like ddlg and daddy kink and I can read this just fine. How old at all of you people saying wattpad ruined you? It's very immature and childish.
Abcdefg12345679 Abcdefg12345679 Dec 06, 2016
A pepper spray ain't gonna do a thing, what you need is this baby *gets out a huge chainsaw out of my small purse* Hehe
random__thoughts random__thoughts Dec 18, 2016
oh my gosh is this generation so screwed up that a girl can't call her father "Daddy" without people thinking it's sexual. It's her father for darn sake
B-but I thought you were the goddesss so I-i thought you knew wha
ddreamdollie ddreamdollie Dec 20, 2016
Even if she's overuse but she fits exactly the character especially the very well written ones. So just stfu and read this godamn good story