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Madeline By lovelydear89 Updated Jul 01, 2016

What if the Moon Goddess made a mistake? 

"At that very moment, Alpha Night felt something he had never felt before. A dark, animalistic instinct washed over him causing his eyes to flash red and a growl to sound from the depths of his chest. He felt his claws extending and his canines lengthening as if he were about to shift. 


Alpha Alaricus Night was, by any definition, king of the earth. The most powerful and deadly werewolf to have ever lived, Alaricus has been Alpha King since year 1066. 

And in all 949 of those years he has never loved a single soul.

Warning: DARK STORY. If you're uncomfortable with darker themes, this may not be the story for you. 

[Highest ranked: #6 in Werewolf]

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Such an amazing start.. So different from all the stories that usually starts with an alarm!!
bitch_what_ bitch_what_ Oct 19
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