Teachers Pet ~A Demons Love (sebastian x Reader)

Teachers Pet ~A Demons Love (sebastian x Reader)

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Medusa Scarlet Titania By TearKuchiki Updated 4 days ago

Can Sebastian Michaelis Protect (y/n) from the webs of a spider  or will it be to late. How strong is a demons love. we will have to find out.

hope you like this guys as much as my other stories this is the final book. thank you so so much for the votes and views you always inspire me to write more and more. once again I do not own black butler or you hehe. and if you want to read the other book it goes by this order 

1. Teachers Pet
2. Teachers Pet~ secrets revealed Secrets discovered
3. Teachers Pet ~ Trouble Is Lurking

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CielPhantomhive415 CielPhantomhive415 Jul 01, 2017
-slaps Sebastian- don't think so highly about your place. I think the Mistress(the writer) is quite better than you so it would do for you to keep your Narsasistic personality in check understood.
manglefan27 manglefan27 May 04, 2017
No thanks
                              Kyra: yea
                              Stema: I have a man thanks
                              Luna: *floofs and glitches* o-o-oh my-y-y
DebbieFitzgerald DebbieFitzgerald Jul 07, 2016
HOW ABOUT A LEMON O_O !!!!!!!!!!!!! SEBASTIAN AND  KAT!!!!!!!!
pOKeMoNgOeVeRyDaY pOKeMoNgOeVeRyDaY Dec 07, 2016
What sexiness? *screams* OOOOOOOOOOOOOH
                              MOM GET THE CAMERA
                              Ok but for real if I ever saw Sebastian or Claude irl, my overies would explode
laura_55908 laura_55908 Feb 22, 2016
ಠ_ಠ Should I be scared or screaming like a fangirl? I can't decide!
viahra233 viahra233 Mar 02, 2016
*just peeks at the story* 
                              Me:  Hmm~ okay...
                              *reads a little further and can't stop*
                              Me: Fawk what have I done!?!?