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June By JuneValentine Updated Dec 13, 2015

"Didn't they teach you not to run from wolves, darlin'?" 

Before the western werewolf, before fear became a common friend, before humans were scared of the dark- there were the Adlets. 

Descended from the first shapeshifter, beast and man are conjured into one, hidden deep within the soils of the harsh Alaskan forests. Surviving off of the land and secluding themselves by keeping outsiders away- the Adlets become unhealthily intrigued by the Mavericks, a lonely family of three.

After patiently waiting years for Rory and Rowan Maverick, the only son and daughter of a fearless woman named Rowena, to turn eighteen- the twins unknowingly fall prey to every unmated Adlet. 

Unfortunately, Rory's and Rowan's problems are much more complicated than a pack of wild shifters trying to vie for their affections. It begins much deeper, as deep as the very blood in their bodies.

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summerxwolf summerxwolf Nov 09, 2017
You basically stole Maggie stiefvater's book. Wolves? Shapeshifting? Shiver? Get out.
Wordtoyamother Wordtoyamother Nov 26, 2015
She's about lose her man, she
                              Might die, AND she's got to try to run while pregnant?! Today is not her day.
2far4me 2far4me Oct 13, 2015
*drip, splash, drip, splash, drip*
                              That is not the sound of a leaky faucet, my friends, but the sound of my tears as they hit my phone.
- - Oct 04, 2015
Love the cover really got my attention. Love Jensen ackles !!!
Jakueline Jakueline Oct 01, 2015
Not to be a butt, just saying my thought aloud but if something can smell or hear a person crying wouldn't they be able to smell said person and or hear their heartbeat? Tears in my opinion are silent
KatherineRebekah KatherineRebekah Sep 13, 2015
First lines grabbed me by the throat. Next ones held me to the wall. Next ones kept me there. By the last lines, I was breathless.