Just Friends

Just Friends

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MermaidEcemella By MermaidEcemella Updated Jul 21, 2015

I pushed him on to the bed and stumbled on top of him, hastily unbuttoning his shirt whilst his fingers trailed up my body, entwining with my hair. Breathing heavily, i cupped his face and leaned in closer, until our lips were a few centimeters apart, before we could continue i had a question which demanded an answer. 

"Nate" i exhaled, preparing myself for my question. "Arielle" he replied, a smile emerging onto his lips as his fingers trailed from my hair to my torso, finally resting on my hips.

"What are we?" I questioned whilst sitting up and straddling him. I know i shouldn't pressure him about labels but this has been going on for too long.

"We're friends," he simply stated, avoiding eye contact.

"Just friends?" i asked, making direct eye contact with him. We weren't 'just friends' - ' just friends' don't look at each other like that. 'Just friends' don't spend late nights having sex and getting drunk at each others house behind their boyfriend's and girlfriend's back - we're more than 'just friends'.

"I guess we're more than friends" he paused, pulling me back on top of him and planting a trail of kisses from my lips to my neck. "But definitely less than a couple," he admitted. 

I bit my lip. "I don't think i can be your 'friend' anymore, Nate," i confessed. Confusion dominated his face as i elaborated, "I can do better, with you. With us together. Face it, we're nowhere near 'just friends' are we?" i stated, attentively observing him.

"I guess not - but it's too complicated for us to be more,right now...You have a boyfriend. I have a girlfriend. Labels are the last thing we need right now," he assured me, tracing patterns on my hip. I sighed, he was right. It was too complicated. The last thing i want is to hurt my best friends.

"You drive me completely out of my mind, Arielle. For you, i'd do absolutely anything. But right now, labels are not what we need. We just need each other," he reassured me, crashing his lips on to mine.