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Dragon and Phoenix (Path of Light and Fire Book #2)

Dragon and Phoenix (Path of Light and Fire Book #2)

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R. McNeary By rmcneary Completed

Dragon Ball Z meets Brandon Sanderson in this epic fantasy novel.
Sabin's senses are out of control, yet dealing with alternating blindness and hypersensitivity are only small problems compared the looming threat of world war between the human kingdoms. Fresh from stopping the Guan's evil invasion plans, he and the other Seriens must prevent the humanity from annihilating themselves.
Yulan is the Serien of Fire, a duty he has no desire to fulfill.  Recently recovered from his death battle with Sabin, he is on the run from his former countrymen, who have been tasked to deliver his head to his father, the King of Yua.  His flight takes him deeper into the Wastelands, where he uncovers a secret of great value to the other Seriens. If only he could be convinced to join them.
Once again Sabin and Yulan find themselves bound by fate. They will need to put aside their differences when the world needs them the most.  For when the Dragon and Phoenix war in the skies, the land burns beneath and the serpent reigns.
Book 2 of the 'Path of Light and Fire' series.  A summary of book 1, 'Path of Fire' is available at the end of this book, if you want to jump straight into Dragon and Phoenix.
Please add D&P your library/reading list if you enjoyed 'The Path of Fire'.  Votes and comments are always welcome.

bald13 bald13 May 10, 2016
This reminds me of what's-his-face... that lazy kid on Naruto
raynitah raynitah Jun 25, 2016
Is it really bad that I hate sabin because of kaita..I mean im obsessed with these books..but I still dislike sabin..I know we all have our flaws she could literally have been waiting for years.
Kaden_P Kaden_P May 13, 2016
You should write about when Sabin is older and trains the new seriens
Junea_H Junea_H Jun 23, 2016
                              SHE FORGOT SO NOW YOU BRING KAITA BACK AND !!!!!!!!
jkbrady jkbrady Jun 17, 2016
She shows some spirit so she may go on to make a very fid warrior
bradly16 bradly16 Apr 19, 2016
I feel sorry for kaita, walking around in the clothes she sweat and pee in.