You're my assigned lover. A Markiplier x reader fanfiction.

You're my assigned lover. A Markiplier x reader fanfiction.

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Chelsea By writing_for_you Updated Mar 31, 2017

In this alternate reality everyone has a jewel. Not just an average necklace or bracelet, everyone's is unique. At birth, the doctors take a sample of blood and inject it into a special melted metal. When mixed with blood, the metal forms a unique charm. This unique charm is bonded to the infant for life. 

Your charm is a beautiful purple gem wrapped in a silver case, which you keep on a necklace that has never left your neck.
You are going through life with one goal - you just want someone to love who loves you. Simple, right? Or is it?

Oh, sorry dear reader - we haven't discussed the powers possessed by these charms, have we? Well, it has a very special talent. When you meet your true love, no matter where your gem is, it will glow.

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DieInAFirePesant DieInAFirePesant Oct 25, 2017
oml the vocabulary in this is great! the author must be rly smart
Sailor_Crybaby Sailor_Crybaby Apr 18, 2017
Actually this is second person POV which is rarely used but whenever you right "you" for the POV it means it's second person
ProfessionalInsanity ProfessionalInsanity Mar 17, 2017
Drrweirdo Drrweirdo Jul 23, 2017
What movie is it... If its being human by robin williams i have a right to sleep!
Clairebear8903 Clairebear8903 Jun 16, 2016
So the description said it glows when around your true love. What if they don't know you love them. Awkward
kathrynannearmstrong kathrynannearmstrong Jan 29, 2017
*starts to shake with excitement,*  bdjejekwwnwlabakdceowuacmdpsgabsj dhsjfjdjdksoakdhdjshfnfncjfjfjfjd THIS IS ALREADY THE BEST STORY