The Way He Is

The Way He Is

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its-the-hypophrenic By its-the-hypophrenic Updated Feb 25, 2016

I'm gonna bang you on every furniture of my house babe" He whispered in my ear, I gulped and felt shivers down my spine.

"your pants, they bother me take em off" He ordered I slowly slide it down my knees and took it off. 

Then he slided his hand between my legs "this is all mine, ARE WE CLEAR?" 

"y..yes sir" I said feeling frightened but I kinda liked it I guess.He likes to take control over and damn he does it goooood!

"are you scared of me princess? " He smirked

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falloutskillet falloutskillet Mar 31, 2016
Hey hun! I know writing out chapters is hard but try to use spaces in between commas and periods. Example, "Hey, I'm Gracie." not, "Hey,I'm Gracie." and when doing quotations, make sure to uppercase the first letter if its a starting sentence. Other than that, it's great!! ❤️