Arkham High School

Arkham High School

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Harleen Frances Quinzell  has just moved from a small town to the big city of Gotham. She goes to her new high school and meets her new best friends Pamela Isley and Selena Kyle. She then meets her new love intrastate, Jack Napier. 

She then joins the Villains group and causes trouble with her new friends. After a while the school takes half of the grade and transfers them into Arkham High School for the criminally insane.

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Always_Severus_394 Always_Severus_394 Aug 29, 2016
Honey well all have a crush on Mistah J on the first day of school chill out
TaneshqaS TaneshqaS Nov 20, 2016
Poison oakey...another batman tas this already
MustacheSaint MustacheSaint Jan 06, 2017
"What else do you know about that Harley chick?" XD I'm dyin over here
MustacheSaint MustacheSaint Jan 06, 2017
It's only in these kinds of books that two friends have all the same classes.
Krazykittenrules Krazykittenrules Aug 30, 2016
Ha! And here you thought I was just another bubble-headed blonde bimbo! Well the jokes on you! I'm not even a real blonde!
- - Jan 06, 2017
Ummm... why would it matter what colour bra she's wearing? I mean, it's not like anyone's going to see it and say, 'Hey Harley, omg I loooove your bra, it's tots adorbs!  😍😍😍 Whee did you buy it?'