Love you, spaz (COMPLETED) (South Park) {CraigxTweek}

Love you, spaz (COMPLETED) (South Park) {CraigxTweek}

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Miss Blaze By Blazedarkness Updated Dec 12, 2015


Tweek Tweak is the new boy at South Park high. 

Craig Tucker is an openly gay, rule breaker and also is a professional when it comes to getting what he wants. 

When Craig is told to show this twitchy boy around he likes the look of him, really likes the look of him. To try and make sure he gets what he wants he makes tweek his 'bottom bitch' or his 'fuck buddy' 

Tweek is a little scared, really confused and just goes along with it. He thinks it's just a little fling or whatever.

But he can't help but feel different about the whole thing whenever Craig whispers in his ear:

"Love you, spaz"

thatcoldfeeling thatcoldfeeling Nov 05, 2016
Thank god for gay Craig
                              Like seriously I am so sick of him being all "I look at dicks and get a boner but I'm straight right???!" Like no lol.
                              Thank you
Marksfabulousbutt Marksfabulousbutt Oct 26, 2016
Aye.. I don't like getting in trouble.. but I would risk getting in trouble just to hurt someone.
MrsCassaWeird MrsCassaWeird Oct 15, 2016
This is literally how i flirt. Like "you are cute, i claim you, you are mine. Hug me."
                              THIS IS MY OTP!!!
                              *cant remember the rest of the lyrics so just murmurs the tune of the song*
Define_Weird Define_Weird Dec 08, 2016
Something along the lines of, "if a tall guy with dark hair grabs you from behind, just scream very loudly."
xDanHowellxx xDanHowellxx Mar 30, 2016
or when you're in the bathroom and someone is in a stall when you walk in