The Princess Of Angels (LaLu)

The Princess Of Angels (LaLu)

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Blue_Butterfly_Sky By Blue_Butterfly_Sky Completed

A story about the angel princess that is sent to earth land to find a partner and to learn how they live. She will have to learn how to control her power, to fit in with the wizards on earth land. See will meet new people that are different from anyone else and she will meet the dragon slayers.

What will happen when see meets a certain lightning dragon slayer?
Will she find who she is looking for?
Will she stay out of danger?


I don't own fairy tail Hiro Mashima dose. It will have things that the original doesn't. Hope you enjoy the story.

Unedited. Editing.

LeeLeeDaviannaMason LeeLeeDaviannaMason Oct 17, 2016
How come her last name is fillia instead of heartfillia if I may ask not to be rude or anything
BunniesGoneWild BunniesGoneWild Jul 06, 2016
Tinder 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
animeworldofdreams animeworldofdreams Jun 03, 2016
Natsu= Fire Dragon Slayer= eats fire
                              Gajeel= Iron Dragon Slayer= eats iron
                              Wendy= Air Dragon Slayer= eats air
                              Lucy= Celestial Dragon Slayer= eats celestial spirits (OoO) :P kidding!
Crystal_heartfilia Crystal_heartfilia Dec 26, 2016
Natsu you 'Baka! Don't fight anyone if their new....
                              Well that's Natsu for ya
Neonic_Phoenix Neonic_Phoenix Nov 03, 2015
The fight between Erza and lucy wasnt long enough there was no details. No offense.
- - Jul 11, 2015
I was like what the- what the h- what the (and a bit more and then) oh riiight, he's smart