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Roommates With A Super Villain

Roommates With A Super Villain

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Madeleine By catastrophes Updated Feb 09

When doing the right thing goes oh-so-wrong, Lilian Snyder ends up being forced to live with her city's worst super villain, Obsidian Haze. What they both fail to realize is that Obsidian wasn't the only expert at being two-faced. In fact, it seemed as though everyone who stepped through the entrance of apartment 21 B had an alter-ego. Join Lily as she becomes a far cry from a damsel in distress while she searches for the answers to all the crimes that were just not adding up. 

#1 Adventure May.18-27.16/June.23-27.16/July.10.16/Dec.8.16

                              3. Grab a knife and kill him yourself 
                              And throw the dead body back down the garbage chute before the trash guy finds out! 
                              Or 4. Choke him to death with your burnt pizza
Writing_Utensils Writing_Utensils Dec 30, 2016
Axel, an intellectual.
                              Axel, the biggest baddest bad ass name in history.
wide_eyed wide_eyed 3 days ago
ASSUMPTIONS! Why is it that a girl with plants make you feel that you dont have to fight anymore!
If I was him, I would be like 'Dafuq is with all these plants??'
MichaelAGreco MichaelAGreco Nov 24, 2016
First-person lends intimacy at the expense of perspective; problems down the line for plot development; at least for me.
I would've taken off his mask and landed his ass in jail by now