My mate marked another

My mate marked another

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Stylelove333 By Stylelove333 Updated Jun 04, 2013

The cool autum breeze brushed past me sending shivers through my body. I stared at the deep blue sea mesmerized by its beauty and a calm feeling overwhelmed me I would miss this view. After our pack started getting attacked on a daily basis my dad, the alpha, thought it wise to move locations. And it was then I decided my hatred towards rouges.

I'd lived here all my life this was the place I was raised, this was home for me! But now I would have to leave the one place that I'd never dreamt of leaving, well until I met my mate of course. Being the alphas daughter many of the men in my pack had tried to impress my parents and tried to show they were worthy of being the mate of the alphas daughter, but I would always refuse. I was saving myself for my mate and my mate only -

'' Nicole! Were leaving now and dad wants you back at the pack house now '' My little sister emily called out interrupting me from my mess of thoughts. 

'' Coming'' I called back dejectedly 

Although Emily was onl...

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SweeTongTeo SweeTongTeo Jan 25
Hello! Just a thought, maybe you might consider shortening the sentences or breaking up a the sentence to multiple sentences? A paragraph made of a single sentence is a handful to read, and makes it feel like the story’s moving too fast. If u are reading this, thank you for reading! :)
fantazy503 fantazy503 Jan 25
I Never liked it! I have my Dad's ways of shopping! Just go in, get what's on the list and get out! Lol.
Muddychevygirl Muddychevygirl May 24, 2017
Very easily I dread going shopping for clothes or shoes or anything like that
I am from Chicago we literal shop till we drop on black Friday
supernatural_rocks supernatural_rocks Feb 19, 2014
Can you please update and don't even think about deleting it because  usually all the good books get deleted right in the middle. I love this book sooooo much