I'm Pregnant With Harry Styles' Baby! (Harry Styles Fan-Fic)

I'm Pregnant With Harry Styles' Baby! (Harry Styles Fan-Fic)

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Harry Styles: Famous, rich, good looking and is always used to one night stands. He has everything a guy wants; be a pop star, have a nice car, live in a mansion with four of his best friends and girls constantly throwing themselves at him. But though he'd never actually admit it, he always knew something was missing...    

Megan Philips: Smart, independent, emotionally scarred from a previous relationship and afraid to fall in love. She on the other hand, lost everything; her parents, her friends, and her boyfriend. But with some help, she finally burst into the fashion industry and things were starting to look up for her.           

When Harry meets Megan at a club, he thought that she was just like one of his one night stands and Megan thought it would be a good idea to let lose after her breakup. But what happens when Megan finds out she's pregnant with Harry's baby? What will it do to Harry's career? How will the rest of his band react? Will it end in love or heartbreak?      

Cover by: @xMinteax (Thanks so much babe! :) Love them!)
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kl61kk kl61kk Feb 27, 2017
Oh man. Think of if someone randomly read that over my shoulder. It's be ALL OVER THE MEDIA.
zaynsbucky zaynsbucky Dec 30, 2015
I was here when you first started lmao o cried when it ended #rr
MrsOficcial MrsOficcial Sep 24, 2015
I read this whole book and I love it and it has everything I wanted in my life and my dream and I wanted to cry and I was so happy and when I found out there was a sequel to this book I could not stop crying I was so happy your books are amazing
- - Sep 05, 2015
Is it possible I could make a cover for your book? I have an awesome idea for it :)
- - Sep 02, 2015
This is one of my all time favorite 1D fanfictions. I read it some months ago (before I made an account on wattpad) and I just had to track it down to read it again.
extragrande extragrande Feb 22, 2015
hi would it be okay if i re wrote your book in french because many french people would love to read your book? so would it be okay if i wrote it in french? i would give you credit and everything.