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Andrea Michelle By AndreaMichelle_8 Updated Jun 15, 2015

Playing with fire was sure to burn, but I couldn’t stop myself. I loved him into insanity. He left a gasoline trail across several states when he walked away from me to become a screenwriter, but I held the match that would ignite us both. Again.
Thanks to the gods of the cyber world, I have Kane back in my life. Well, I have K. West, now a best selling author, but he is unaware. Because to him, I’m Raven Elise, his trusted beta reader and best Facebook friend. In my need to be in his head again and his need to know more about me, about Raven, a web of deceit with loopholes to the truth led him straight to me. The real me. Now what? 
I’m Angel Solis and this is the story about how heartbreak, deception and betrayal can lead a person to insanity. I only hope that the madness will ignite a lifetime of love from the ashes left behind.
“Addiction leads to lies and lies become walls and behind those walls hide a secret. The secret is that you are my, Raven. Now, will you please release her wings and let her fly to me?”

To be released in the WHEN SPARKS FLY anthology on June 27th.

  • novella
  • romance

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