bewitched // {phan} ON HOLD

bewitched // {phan} ON HOLD

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E.H. By strawb3rryvib3s Updated Dec 20, 2015

Daniel Howell is the prince of a kingdom he loaths, full of traditions he cannot stand, and people he can stand even less. When Daniel is saved by a witch with striking blue eyes and a vulgar personality, he continues to find the witch popping up everywhere until finally, through a series of strange circumstances, the witch is made Daniel's personal servant. Over the next five years, the two grow to learn more about one another- secrets always do make the best friends- and find that you shouldn't claim hatred towards someone, for you might just become bewitched by the very same one.

Rating/Warnings: Mature Readers (READ AT OWN RISK).  This story may contain topics of death and parole, gay slurs, swearing, crude humor, sexual content, mentions of rape, violence, gore, and shaming of women and homosexuals. If any of the listed content triggers you, please do not read.

Please do not copy and post my story anywhere else or create an "adaptation" of my work. Thank you.

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This is probably me just being stupid but why does he have to learn the lady's part before the guy's part?
Lauranniiee Lauranniiee Mar 13
Awe I'm sorry phil embarrassed you baby but you would look like a doll in a dress...
elliesuns elliesuns Mar 23
Well then, there's never been a better time for breaking gender roles
The murderer is murdering a murderer because the murderer being murdered is a murderer
Wow Phil, ironic and not like ironically using comic sans but more that 'you hypocrite you just fvcking murdered a dude'