Forgive Me (Light x Reader)

Forgive Me (Light x Reader)

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Jan. 15, 2017- Please note, I didn't even progress this damm thing. It's, dare I say it, cringy.
Go on and read if you so please.


"L," Light said in an oddly quiet voice.

L looked to find Light sitting in his chair in the main room of the investigation. He knew Light had some feelings for him but knew he had to focus on his work. Of course, they were hand cuffed together which made L worried of some thing happening.

He reluctantly answered the young man, "Yes?"

"We should be getting to bed, shouldn't we?" He said calmly and rather innocently.

Light did indeed have feelings for L. These feelings were very much conflicting for Light. Seeing as he was Kira, his feelings for L would only get in the way of his plans. Well, that was what he thought until he had an idea. 

"If he believes I love him, I could convince him I'm not who he has been searching for. He is a genius but, I'm a genius, as well," He schemed.

This would solve his problem of wanti...

NNaught NNaught 6 days ago
I usually go by my nickname/internet name/alias both online and IRL-- I've gotten so used to it that I got my friends to call my "Naught" in real life so it's all I go by except in my family :v
Wtf?? Light doesn't giggle, wether he's got twisted feelings or not!!!
Why does he carry pepper spray around with him? He has a Death Note USE IT
-I'm buying clothes-
                              *You're buying clothes where!?*
                              -I'm buying clothes at the soup store!-
                              *WHY ARE YOU BUYING CLOTHES AT THE SOUP STORE!?*
                              - CANT FIND THE CLOTHES! THERE'S SOUP IN EVERY ISLE- 
                              ((Lol that's not how it goes but we'll live))
SwegDucks SwegDucks Jun 30
Me: No it's ok, I have an AK-47 in my purse ^_−☆
                              Light: ಠ_ಠ Dafuk...
Also that was kinda a stupid move-- she had the Shinigami eyes, sooo...