creepypasta lemons

creepypasta lemons

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skyler2110 By skyler2110 Updated Aug 01, 2015

First lemon enjoy...and I take requests...cp x cp or cp x reader doesn't matter anyways enjoy....

"(y/n), do you want some waffles" you heard Toby say from the kitchen. "yeah" you say playing video games with Ben. Toby brought you your waffles and sat on the couch beside you. Ben was sitting on the floor and masky was sitting beside him. Toby threw his arm around you while you blushed. 
Masky: "so...(y/n) you have to be pretty weak to date Toby..."
(y/n): "I'M NOT WEAK!!!"
Masky: "yeah you are..."
You ran up to your room crying while masky turned back to the game.
Toby: " why would you do that to
Masky: "she's you're bae...I have to give her a little hell.."
Toby: "you made her cry you Dick!!"
Masky just shrugged his shoulders and kept playing the game as Toby punched him and ran to your room after you. 

Toby knocked your door
Toby: " (y/n)...can I come in..."
(y/n): "why??"
Toby: "I want to talk.."
Toby heard you get off the bed and undo the...

    jesslibring jesslibring Sep 10
    I already have a senpai. 
                                  *hiro comes in*
                                  Hiro: hey sweetie.
                                  Me: SENPAI!!!!!! *hugs hiro*
    (Y/N) is weak to cry about something stupid of what masky said like really😒 come on heard why worse comments than that but that's just me
    dollmix dollmix May 28
    "I want you to fuk me gary FUK ME"thats what im thinking right now
    Yandere and I had Toby way before you knew what creepypasta was
    That is why when I do the lover spell (I can't remember who wrote it, but I have to get a scented candle to do it) I will put most of Toby's characteristics
    I wuv Toby tho...*sad face*...*goes yandere* MINE BITCHES! *shoves face with waffles* MINE