A Nerd In Akatsuki No Yona

A Nerd In Akatsuki No Yona

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That had been Chikaze Asada's  label since she was a child. Even as a kid she was fascinated with art, anime, and reading. While other kids played and laughed together, she taught herself martial arts from manga and TaeKwonDo for Dummies. While other children watched cartoons or movies, she was absorbed in anime. While other children went to the park or out with friends, she drew alone, at home in a corner.

Her nerdy self was a counterpoint to her perfect twin, Hikari. Her twin was the image of a flawless child. She was girly, attentive to her studies, never talked back, was cool, pretty, and smart, and did everything she was told. People would always tell Asada to "Be more like your sister!". But she couldn't. 

Her parents doted on Hikari, seemingly ignoring Asada. She got used to it, and became an introvert. Eventually though, it was too much when her parents barely remembered to feed her, and she wished she could be somewhere else...

Her wish was granted...by a demon. And she was transported to her favorite anime, Akatsuki No Yona.

AkitaKyoko AkitaKyoko Mar 31
50? I'd like my 100 thank you very much. Feed off something else.
AkitaKyoko AkitaKyoko Mar 31
I'm currently waiting for the latest chapter...... that cliffhanger.......
No Its supposed to be SuwonXYona...D: according to my opinion
kawaiipotatoisme kawaiipotatoisme Apr 11, 2016
I would agree too tbh I mean come on you get to have a demon's powers and live in the akatsuki no yona world 
                              I'd agree in a heartbeat aaaannnndd 50  is long enough
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I don't know why but that reminded me slightly of Harry Potter
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Tbh I would also agree, YOLO right? I mean, I'm doing this thing YOLO style.