Sorry...(GerIta and Spamano)

Sorry...(GerIta and Spamano)

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stayingtrue37 By stayingtrue37 Updated Jul 21

It was supposed to normal happy day. That is till Romano and Italy had a huge fight. A fight that most countries would never expected and were to slow to recover from their shock to stop them. 

They both show a side of them that left many countries shock and unsure on if the twin counties are really innocent as they seem. Now Spain, Germany, and others are watching the twins. Finding out what was the cause of their argument and what/who are they exactly. 

*I do not own Hetalia or it's characters. I only own it's story line.

This is WILL contain Yaoi/BL/BoyxBoy
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                              Mein milkshake brings all zhe boys to zhe yard!
I don't want to be unkind... but it isn't Italian: they are just random words
Is it sad that i read this as
                               robbing those guys in the corner floor at petsmart
deathby-anime deathby-anime 6 days ago
He's basically France's child. What do y'all expect? A perfect angel? Please.
oscar_ftm oscar_ftm Jul 01
*Cough cough* Holy Rome, m otherfuckers. *cough cough* smexy bod tho *even more coughing* and he's so adorable too *literal hacking* hair is bae *dying dramatically* Rome is my dad