Sorry...(GerIta and Spamano)

Sorry...(GerIta and Spamano)

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stayingtrue37 By stayingtrue37 Updated Jul 21, 2016

It was supposed to normal happy day. That is till Romano and Italy had a huge fight. A fight that most countries would never expected and were to slow to recover from their shock to stop them. 

They both show a side of them that left many countries shock and unsure on if the twin counties are really innocent as they seem. Now Spain, Germany, and others are watching the twins. Finding out what was the cause of their argument and what/who are they exactly. 

*I do not own Hetalia or it's characters. I only own it's story line.

This is WILL contain Yaoi/BL/BoyxBoy
Don't like? Don't read.

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If you want, I can help you to  traduce in Italian some sentences.
MiniCookiesCraft MiniCookiesCraft Dec 22, 2017
I’m in public and I’m not trying to smile like a crazy person XD
privacyizmyname privacyizmyname Jun 20, 2017
Wow. International confusion. 
                              ........That's new.
04Karma12 04Karma12 Nov 08, 2017
I only have one or two people who know of  my fake innocence I can relate
Little_Verde Little_Verde Jun 24, 2017
Everyone's talking about rochu while I'm here like "I AGREE WITH RUSSIA IT IS MUCH FASTER"
- - Jul 14, 2017
hit on someone*
                              I don't even ship rochu (rucho??) but I had to lmao