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Eighteen year old Marissa has spent her entire life hidden away in a secret underground compound known only as the Organization.  She has never felt the sun on her face or the wind in her hair.  Instead she has been isolated, groomed, and tormented by Director Samuel Klein.  That is until an oversight brings her face to face with Michael-an encounter that promises to change everything.

Michael has spent years believing that Marissa was murdered by the Organization.  The truth that she is not only alive, but has been within his reach knocks him back, but not for long.  Despite years of conditioning and brainwashing, Michael has managed to resist the Organizations efforts to rewire his mind, refusing to be turned into a callous mercenary.  All while keeping a secret of his own from the Organization. 

When the opportunity to escape suddenly presents itself he vows to take Marissa with him, setting a tumultuous turn of events into motion.  You see, Marissa also has a secret.  She has a daughter that Samuel uses against her, in order to keep her biddable.  

For years, Samuel has subjected unwanted children that he's stolen from the foster system, to various experiments.  The serum that he's perfected over the years has the potential to either give superhuman abilities.  Those who survive become Nova Soldiers.  Those who do not become Drones.  

Is Michael willing to risk everything for a girl who barely has any memory of him?  Is the promise of freedom worth the risk of losing Marissa's daughter to a man who could turn her into a weapon?  With the help of some unlikely ally's, Marissa and Michael set out on a quest that will test their strengths.  They'll have to work together or their power could destroy them all.  In the end, they'll discover if love really does conquer all, or if it will lead to their defeat.

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PurpleDottedSquirrel PurpleDottedSquirrel Jul 14, 2016
Aren't they soldiers. Usually who flinches are the little children :P
AriestheRamSpirit AriestheRamSpirit Dec 05, 2015
I was like. FAIRY TAIL ERZA SCARLET. And then saw it was Ezra
Samalama12345 Samalama12345 Dec 01, 2015
The front cover is the cover of
                              Its a really great book. Have you read it?
ljthomas ljthomas Nov 27, 2015
Just found this and I've really enjoyed reading it so far! You write clearly an descriptively and I'm excited to find out what's going to happen with these drone/zombie soldiers!
ed2wfu ed2wfu Nov 21, 2015
Nice and easy reading. Superlative writing skills. Glad I found this. I'm a big fan!
bobwilsontn bobwilsontn Nov 10, 2015
How did beds get into the scene? Are we now in a second setting w subjects and observers separated by one-way glass?