Visions (Jojen Reed fanfic// Game of Thrones)

Visions (Jojen Reed fanfic// Game of Thrones)

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Kalel Snow.
Eddard Stark's bastard.
Yes he has two bastards, Jon and Kalel.
Kalel decides to stay with Bran after Arya, Ned, Sansa and Catelyn leave for King's Landing.
The castle gets taken over by Theon Greyjoy.
Forcing Kalel, Bran, Hodor and Osha to leave their home behind, Winterfell.


One day, she meets Jojen Reed. 
But... She feels something. Something she never felt before. 
What is this feeling what Jojen is giving her?

(I don't know the age of Jojen so it's going to be 16 and it will kinda follow the TV series but I'll make slight changes to the story (don't worry, Jojen will have his visions))

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kenlen_killer kenlen_killer Nov 12, 2017
Well, hun, that feeling has many names like attraction and, worse case scenario, LOVE! 😊😉😍😘💑💜💕💖💗💝💞
angelofdeath235 angelofdeath235 Jul 10, 2017
his eyes are very gorgeous....i could get lost in them for ages
holyysehun holyysehun May 19, 2017
Similar to Groot except that Groot only knows three words, "I am Groot."
storyteller1304 storyteller1304 Apr 26, 2016
He's 13 in the series and during the filming he was 23. I know I'm a stalker😂❤️
missandeis missandeis Jan 17, 2016
The sad thing about Hodor is Hodor isn't his actually name people just call him Hodor cause that's all he says. XD
maddie_rose1010 maddie_rose1010 Dec 19, 2015
He's genuine as well. Which is more than a lot of hot guys on the show can say.