The hair dresser and the Outlaw.

The hair dresser and the Outlaw.

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I will rewrite this story soon!

There is a lot of things that I always dreamed of weathered it be what kind of career I would have or what kind of guy I would marry. I turned out to became a hairdresser and I really love it. Doing hair, makeup, and nails is something that I am really good at. But in the small town of Taylor, Tennessee if your not the prettiest or beautiful you might as well forget about having a lot of clients.

My name is Makayla  Caylor but most people call me Kayla. I just turned 21 years old. I  have brown hair with blond highlights. I am on the big side, which means im not what most guys want.  I keep my head up because I know even though I am shy, heavy, and sometimes not confident, I know that there is somebody out there who will love me for me. But who would have thought that my night and shining armor would turn out to be the president of a motorcycle club.

Jessy " Shadow" Johnes is the president of a motorcycle club called the " Devil Reapers". He's the kind of guy your parents tell you to stay away from. He is tall muscular with tattoo bad boy.
He only has two things he cares about his club and his Harley. He has what most men only dream about friends, parties . and women. He thinks that is all needs until he meets Makayla Caylor.

 There will be cussing and sexual content

  • anger
  • baby
  • choices
  • club
  • danger
  • gắng
  • hope
  • love
  • motorcycle
AlteredStateOfMind AlteredStateOfMind Oct 13, 2017
Well... I'm finding rather odd the guy likes her and he's barely spoken to her.
gerdajohanson3 gerdajohanson3 Jan 22, 2016
I dont mean to be rude but please fix the grammar mistakes. Would love to finish this book but its kinda putting me off of it
Erin_Woods14 Erin_Woods14 Jan 03, 2016
I like how it started out. He got it bad and he doesn't even know her.
wwwreaditcom wwwreaditcom Dec 26, 2015
Wtf she doesn't even know who he is they basically said 6 words to each other .find it funny thou 😂😂😂
wakeey wakeey Dec 02, 2015
It's also called a's what they use to identify their ranks