Asylum [UsUk, GerIta]

Asylum [UsUk, GerIta]

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1963; Feliciano Vargas is the newest patient at Bitterwell Mental Asylum. One problem, there's nothing wrong with him. Trying to escape will be hard, trying to understand the dark asylum will be even harder. Because behind those gated walls are torturous methods, strange patients, and even stranger doctors. 

•  Hetalia Asylum AU •                                                       

Based loosely off American Horror Story: Asylum

(UsUk, GerIta, RusCan, & various other ships included)

[WARNING: Gore, Violence, and Sexual Themes]

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Ren0072 Ren0072 Sep 17
Lol tbh if my friends and I were in an asylum we'd just riot u til they played the music we wanted
∏☻lÿ ∫∪⊂k¡∩g §∏¡t..... w∏ΛΛΛΛΛΛt?!?!?! ¡ §wξΛ®, t∏¡§ ¡§ t∏ξ ☻∩lÿ ∫¡⊂ t∏Λt ¡ g☻t §☻ p¡§§ξÐ w¡t∏ ∫®Λ∩⊂ξ......
I'd be sitting in the corner and staring into space then suddenly laugh out of nowhere.
You and me both Matthew... 
                              It's ok Canada, we can be lonely together.
☻∏, ∫∪⊂k ∩☻! ÿ☻∪ §☻∩ ☻∫ Λ Þ¡t⊂∏!!! w∏ÿ w☻∪lÐ ÿ☻∪ Ð☻ t∏¡§?!
*throws rainbows around* FRANCIS YOU HYPOCRITE 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈